Korean Town in Bangkok, Thailand

Of course Thai food and culture is best enjoyed in Thailand. But if you ever find yourself craving for something Korean to fill your tummy and your eyes in Bangkok, there’s a place for you: Korean Town.

Korean Town in Bangkok

Korea fans, after all, will always want their fill of their favorite K-foods, to see Hanggul signs, and to hear the sound of Korean as spoken by Koreans.

But unlike an actual town, Korean Town is a multistory building composed of everything Korea-related, from food to products to spas. The building is actually called Sukhumvit Plaza, but for some reason, the moniker Korean Town stuck, probably because of the many Koreans congregating in the Sukhumvit area. And it was known that way since.

korean town, sukhumvit plaza

Since it’s just one whole building, you can actually make your way around here in 30 minutes, or an hour (tops) if you’re the meticulous observer of Korean stuff. But it’s best to go here on a weekend, where many people mill around. On weekdays, the place tends to be quiet and sad to say, a bit boring.

Although there are a lot of Korean restaurants scattered around Bangkok, the largest and most authentic ones are said to be found in Korean Town. Restaurants, especially from someone working on a student budget like me, tend to be pricey at 300-500 Baht per person, though (Understand that most of my meals here cost a mere 40 Baht tops! Hehehe!). I heard that a lot of fellow bloggers love this restaurant called “Arirang” since its said to be the most ‘affordable’ and well-known of the lot, as well as “Doo Rae” for its fresh and tasty marinated meats.

Korean Town restaurants

But the last time I was there (around late June), fastfood place Kyo Chon, which is famous for its chicken, was set to open. Perhaps it’s open this time around. =)

There’s another restaurant a few skytrain stations away, though, which serves great, authentic Korean buffet at a budget-friendly price, but that’s for another post. =)

As for products, there’s a jewelry shop, a health and medicinal shop, and mini-department stores selling all sorts of Korean products from cosmetics to ginseng, to books and clothes. There’s also a spa at the topmost floor where you can relax after shopping and eating.

Korean Town stores

All in all, Korean Town is a small building that’s big on modern Korean culture. If you find yourself in Bangkok and missing your beloved Korea, then let Korean Town give you your (Korean) creature comforts. It’s the place to be.

Korean Town

Complete Address: Korean Town (Sukhumvit Plaza), Sukhumvit Soi 12, Sukhumvit Road, Khlong Toey, Bangkok, 10110

How to get here: Take the skytrain going to the BTS Asok station. Proceed to Exit 2. From there, Korean Town is just a 5-minute walk away.

*All photos taken by me =) 


6 comments on “Korean Town in Bangkok, Thailand

  1. it’s funny…i was just talking to my sis that I would like to visit Bangkok, and to think I could get some Kimichi too? That’s just awesome!!!^;^ .

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