Where to buy Korean clothes cheaply in Bangkok

Super K Mention the term “Korean clothing brand” and images of cool and stylish clothes will pop up in anyone’s mind. That is, cool, stylish and…expensive. But here in Thailand, fans of K-fashion get their fill of K-style for cheap at a shop called Outlet Super K.

A short walk away from the Chitlom BTS station, Outlet Super K sells what Thais call “Korean inter brands”, that is, a slew of international brands that are made in Korea. The store is actually a “breath of fresh air” in the Chitlom shopping area because the styles of clothes sold here are different from the usual stuff Thai stores sell. In Outlet Super K, you can find all ranges of styles, from trendy and edgy to cute and feminine.

Aside from clothes, you can also find bags, shoes and accessories here. To give you an idea of how cheap clothes here are, I was able to buy a cami with intricately placed appliques and beads for just 50 baht, as well as a girly black top for just 99 baht. My friends got cute, knee-length skirts for just 99 baht. Some dresses go for just 300 baht.  So you get the idea of how cheap shopping can be here.

So the next time you’re in the Chitlom area, looking for clothes to fit your K-syle, remember this tip: The treasured threads are in Outlet Super K!


5 comments on “Where to buy Korean clothes cheaply in Bangkok

  1. thank you for your information
    i went to ramkhamheng soi 55
    the clothes was nice
    i would like to go to chitlum and visit the store there
    i couldn’t find it
    can you please give me more detailes about the address

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