Geeky Stuff I’ve Been Doing in Korea Part 1: Museum Hopping

I’m currently spending the Spring semester in Seoul National University. Of course I’m studying as hard as I do in Thailand, but here, it’s a lot more fun. I read, I go to classes, and I supplement this geeky-ness with even more geeky-ness via (ta-daaah!) Seoul’s many museums on Korean history, society and culture. What’s even better is that these museums are for free!


National Museum of Korea. Accessible by Subway Line 4, Ichon Station. Just go to the tunnel leading to the museum. It’s super easy!

The first museum I went to was the National Museum of Korea where I studied various aspects of Korean history and culture. My favorite, of course, is the section on Joseon Dynasty, where I had my fill of looking at various norigae (those colorful ornaments hanging beautifully on a hanbok) and hair accessories of the queen.


War Memorial Museum of Korea. Accessible from Samgakji Station, Exit 12.

I also went to the War Memorial Museum of Korea, where I studied not just about the Korean War in the 1950s but various wars in ancient Korea as well. I was thrilled to learn about my country’s (Philippines) participation in this war — We were one of the countries that sent troops to help Korea!


National Palace Museum of Korea. Accessible through Line 3, Gyeongbokgung Station, Exit 5.

Then there’s also the National Palace Museum of Korea, where I had my fill of learning about Joseon palace life. It’s great for feeding my sageuk addiction!


Seoul Museum of History. Accessible via Gyeongbokgung Station, Line 7.

Since Seoul is such an amazing city, I didn’t miss the opportunity to learn about its exciting history and rapid development, from the ancient period up to contemporary times at the Seoul Museum of History.


Seoul Baekje Museum, near the Olympic Park.

With all the attention that the Joseon Dynasty has been garnering in Korean TV dramas, it’s a shame that we sometimes overlook the Baekjae period, which is also a glorious period in Korean history. In one word, it’s about power. Visit Seoul Baekje Museum  near the Olympic Park to learn why.


Seoul National University Museum

Of course, I didn’t dare miss this museum in my own backyard — the Seoul National University Museum. It’s also an interesting museum where we can learn about ancient (well, paleolithic life) in Korea.

While it looks like I’ve visited a lot of museums in Korea, there are still a lot more I haven’t seen. And I want to see more!

Seoul is a great city for museum-hopping. There are lots to see and learn, the contents are creatively presented, and best of all, it’s ultra-accessible and mostly for free! Perfect for Korea geeks like us!

Come with me?


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