Homestay and traveling solo in Suncheon made easy by BnB Hero

Traveling solo has been on my bucket list since I started watching Ian Wright in awe at Discovery Channel’s Lonely Planet in high school. Although I’ve traveled in many parts of the world already for the past __ number of years, I still haven’t mustered up the courage to backpack by myself. It’s always been with family and friends.

I took the Mugunghwa train from Yongsan Station in Seoul to Suncheon City. It took me around 5 hours. A very long trip, indeed! I took the KTX going back from Sincheon to Seoul — only 3 hours! ^^

But thanks to the opportunity presented by BnB Hero, I finally did it. As my prize for churning out one of the best blogs about the Seongju Life and Culture Festival, I was given a free homestay at Suncheon for the Suncheon Bay International Garden Expo.

The entrance to the Suncheon Bay International Garden Expo

Truth to tell, this wasn’t on my list of things to visit in Seoul since I am not fond of gardens. But I’m glad I soldiered on, anyway.

I bought the night ticket on my first day, since I arrived at Suncheon late in the afternoon. And on the second day, I bought the one-day pass.

Not only did I see the ecologically friendly Suncheon City, I also experienced the joy of living with a Korean family.

Beside me is Tina, my beautiful and kind homestay host!

Initially, I was concerned about traveling solo and staying with an unfamiliar family for 3 days and 2 nights. I voiced these concerns with BnB Hero and they helpfully arranged things for me. They recommended a nice apartment room for me that’s owned by a very kind woman named Tina.

Breakfast was included in the deal, and woah, what a big breakfast it was! It was my first real Korean breakfast that’s not in the school dormitory, kekeke. Tina and her husband cooked it together. What a loving family there are.

Tina also spoke English well, as she was an English teacher. So for foreigners like me who are worried about communication barriers, there’s nothing like that when you stay with Tina.

There were a lot of beautiful gardens in the Expo! One whole day is not enough to explore! You need two—or more!

I also feel I got lucky in my first homestay. The room was clean, the host was nice, and she even accompanied me in some trips, like at the Suncheon Bay Garden Expo and at the Suncheon Drama Set!

The awesomely serene Suncheon Bay! Entrance came free with my Garden Expo ticket purchase. There’s also a free shuttle to take you there. Easy-peasy! ^^

A panoramic shot of the Suncheon Drama Set. Entrance also came free with my purchase of a Garden Expo ticket. Just take Bus 777 to get here. But luckily, for me, Tina kindly accompanied me!

All in all, this trip made me braver in terms of traveling solo. Korea is such a safe and easy place to travel around in. And with the help of BnB Hero, your travel is bound to be safe, easy, economical and fun!


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