Tried and Tested: Pure Strength 100% Natural Deodorant by Human Nature

I know, I know. It’s a deodorant for men and I happen to be a woman. But that didn’t stop me from using Human Nature’s Pure Strength 100% Natural Deodorant. I have two reasons for this. 

1. It’s a natural deodorant that screams STRENGTH based from its name alone. As an urban warrior in a tropical country, I need something stronger than my girly deodorant (also from Human Nature). I move around the city a lot via public transportation, so the heat can be unbearable. Even when the rain gives a short-lived and cool respite, I still want to be protected from unpleasant body odor. So that’s why I made the switch.

2. It smells cleaner and more refreshing than my girly deodorant, thanks to bergamot and rosemary essential oils. I would like a variant that has a minty, cool scent, though. I hope Human Nature releases one soon.

I’ve been using this deodorant for about a month now and I must say it works so much better than my girly deodorant. I leave home feeling and smelling fresh and I come home feeling and smelling fresh. I will continue using Human Nature’s Pure Strength deodorant for sure…until a minty variant comes along. ^^   


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