Ways to enjoy Human Nature products without breaking the bank

Human Nature products which I asked a relative (who's a dealer) to buy for me. I got huge savings because of it!

Human Nature products which I asked a relative (who’s a dealer) to buy for me. I got huge savings because of it!

No doubt that Human Nature products are affordable. It’s almost the same price as regular store brands. And if you compare it to the prices of other organic and natural beauty products, you’ll realize that it tends to be significantly cheaper. But if you’re like me who always looks for value-for-money deals and ways to stretch my peso, I’m sure you also found ways to enjoy your favorite organic and natural products without spending too much. Because let’s face it, although something may be cheap or affordable enough, when there are just too many interesting things to buy from a certain brand, the cost tends to pile up. I’m sharing with you some of my ways of saving.

1. Watch for promos at supermarkets or department stores. Sometimes, a big bottle of facial wash will come with a small bottle of lotion. Instant freebie, instant savings! And this lotion, you can use at the office where the air-conditioning tends to dry your hands, or while traveling when you have to travel light.

2. Watch for promos at the Human Nature website. Again, instant freebies and instant savings. And when you spend more than PHP2000, you get free shipping, too. A good strategy would be to pool you and your friends’ purchases to avail of this free shipping.

3. If you have a friend or relative who is a Human Nature dealer, ask her or him to buy products on your behalf. I have a relative who’s like this, and asking her to buy for me gives me huge savings. She doesn’t really sell stuff per se, but she uses her account to buy products for herself and her whole family. She gets to buy more, and I get more savings. It’s a win-win situation.

How about you? What are your savings tips? Do share!


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