About the Blog

Welcome to my blog Organic Geek (www.organicgeek.wordpress.com)! Here you’ll find the story of a girl trying to integrate her varied interests in food, travel, media and entertainment, culture, beauty and saving the environment into a beautiful organic whole.

More stuff about me:

  • I am Michelle Correa–writer, reader, traveler, and more!
  • I love all things organic, especially Philippine-made ones.
  • But I am adventurous enough to try and learn about organic things from other countries, especially Asia.
  • I believe Philippine beaches are the best!
  • Palawan (El Nido, in particular) has the best seascapes the world over.
  • But I also like the other natural wonders of the world, like Jeju Island in Korea (which I plan to visit in the foreseeable future).
  • I am in love with Asian culture.
  • I am a Worldwide Korea Blogger (WKB).
  • I am a weblog correspondent for the ASEAN-Korea Centre blog.

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