Eco Art & Music Fest Fundraiser Opens January 19 at Conspiracy Garden Café

I love going to art exhibits and music fests, and this seems like a good one. It’s also a fundraiser for the benefit of helping save the pawikan, an endagered species in the Philippines. Too bad I’m not in Manila for this!

I got this press release from the event organizers. art exhibit and music fest fundraiser for Save Philippine Seas’ Pawikan Watchers program opens on January 19, 2013 at the Conspiracy Garden Café, Quezon City.

EndDanger, which features mixed media artworks from the group Artists for Nature and performances from Flying Ipis and other music bands, calls attention to the growing problem of animal endangerment in the Philippines and encourages the community to get involved in conservation and protection efforts.

Although gifted with a rich and biologically diverse ecosystem, from lush forests to a vibrant marine life, our country’s natural resources have significantly dwindled over time. Animal species, in particular, are under increasing threat from habitat destruction, pollution and commercial exploitation. Many are now in the verge of extinction.

The artists and organizers behind EndDanger seek to raise funds for the monitoring of one of the Philippines’ most threatened species, the pawikan. All proceeds from the event’s ticket sales will go to the Pawikan Watchers training program, which Save Philippine Seas (SPS)—an independent movement that fights abuse of our aquatic resources through legal discourse and social media—launched in cooperation with Protected Areas and Wildlife Bureau (PAWB).

Pawikan Watchers aims to educate volunteers from different parts of the Philippines on the ecology and biology of, and PAWB-approved guidelines for, handling sea turtles. Apart from raising funds, Artists for Nature sees the exhibit as an opportunity to broaden public awareness of the urgent need to preserve our wildlife.

The art exhibit runs up to February 8, 2013. Conspiracy Garden Café is located at 59 Visayas Avenue, Project 6, Quezon City.

For opening night tickets or more information, please contact Wendi Garcia at +639162742859 or Like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter for updates.


BMW ECO PRO Screensaver

Most of us are online all the time. This means that our computers, of course, are also turned on all the time. Consequently, we consume energy–lots of it, with all of us put together.

Want to save energy and the environment, as well? There’s an app for that. BMW has partnered with Antics Studios ( and Naga DDB to create an app that turns off your computer whenever it detects you’re not using it (after around 10 seconds or so), and intelligently turns it on again once your computer’s webcam recognizes your face.

This app, when installed in every new computer, will supposedly help the world reduce CO2 emissions by 50,000 kilos and save over 50 million US dollars in energy consumption.

Visit this link to learn more:

Note: I got my info from a press release sent by Antics Studios, Malaysia.

Eco Art Exhibit Fundraiser Opens May 4 at Renaissance Gallery Megamall

Below is a press release sent by Mike Garcia, one of a group of young artists holding an art exhibit fundraiser for marine environment protection. 

Manila (May, 2012) – An art exhibit centering on marine environment conservation opens on May 4 at the Renaissance Gallery in Megamall. “Sa Asul o Sa Itim” features the works of young artists Mike Garcia, Willhen Peneyra, Ezra Reverente and Allan Calingansan.

The artists’ oil and mixed media artworks focus on marine environment issues like destructive and overfishing, coastal infrastructure and tourism, and mismanagement of fisheries. The purpose of the exhibit is to raise public awareness on marine life protection as well as raise funds for environmental projects.

Ultimately, “Sa Asul o Sa Itim” aims to challenge everyone to translate this higher environmental awareness into concrete action by making the right choice and participating in concerted and individual efforts to save the marine ecosystem.

The proceeds of the exhibit will go to Eco-Sys Action’s Whale Shark Project in Donsol, Bicol Region. Eco-Sys Action is an environmental foundation based in Hong Kong, Valence France, and Nairobi Kenya that works to preserve threatened species and their habitats while improving the health, education and economic conditions of local communities.

The foundation’s initial projects in Donsol have already taken off. These include the establishment of marine library with a permanent exhibition on whale shark protection, distribution of educational materials in schools all over the region, establishment of mini clinics along the coastal areas, and set-up of microenterprises such as small garden cultivation and beekeeping activities.

Renaissance Gallery is located at the 4th floor of Megamall Building A in Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong. The exhibit will run until May 11. 

About the artists 

This art show will feature young artists Mike Garcia, Willhen Peneyra, Ezra Reverente and Allan Calingasan.

Mike Garcia graduated from the University of Santo Tomas in 2006 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts, Major in Painting. He worked as a flash animator for a Korean cartoon illustration company before transferring to Eco-Sys Action, a Hong Kong-based environmental foundation promoting conservation efforts in different countries. For three years, he worked as a graphic designer and cartoon illustrator for this foundation. Early this year, he decided to pursue his passion for painting and become a full-time artist. He will have his first solo show in Switzerland this coming September.

Willhen Peneyra earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts, Major in Visual Communication from the University of the Philippines in 2009. Apart from graduating with cum laude honors, he was also recognized in art competitions like the 2008 Actmedia In-Store Media Design Competition and 2009 Magnolia Tub Wrap Design Competition, where he both got first place. After working as a graphic designer for an advertising agency, he and his girlfriend Karen decided to put up their own online design company, Resident Alien. Willhen is also a senior artist at Pencil Head Creative Studio, also an online company.

Allan Calingasan is a graduate from the University of Santo Tomas, holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts, Major in Painting. He is currently on his way to earn his Master’s Degree from the same university. Since he graduated in 2005, he has worked for UST as a layout artist, publication staff and office assistant.

Ezra Reverente is also a Thomasian who earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts, Major in Painting in 2005. He bagged Thesis of the Year when he graduated. Among his various recognitions include representing the Philippines at the International Exchange Exhibition of Design and Craft at Japan 2004, winning Juror’s choice (top 5) 1st GSIS Painting Competition 2004,  and being a finalist (top 4) in the PLDT-DPC art competition in 2004.