Tried and Tested: Human Nature Perfect Coverage Mineral Foundation

Human Nature Perfect Coverage Mineral Foundation

Human Nature Perfect Coverage Mineral Foundation

I have been using the Human Nature Perfect Coverage Mineral Foundation for a couple of weeks now and I must say that this is one of the best foundations I’ve used thus far. I like it because it delivers what it promises: a velvety matte finish that makes the skin look perfect, glowing, and healthy. I tend to have oily skin, so the velvety matte finish really satisfies my desire for a fresh-faced look. The vanilla shade matches my skin tone perfectly, too.

This product is made with multi-functional rice powder, bamboo powder, and Vitamin E. It has no harmful chemicals so I feel secure that this will help me achieve damage-free skin in the years to come.

The vanilla shade matches my skin tone perfectly.

The vanilla shade matches my skin tone perfectly.

Other things I like about this:

1. I use it with my favorite CC cream from Korea, and the HN foundation blends quite well with it.

2. The mirror is big enough to let me see my progress while I apply this product on my face.

3. There’s a special compartment for the sponge, and another for the product itself. It’s very sanitary because it keeps the product clean.

4. There’s no weird smell. It’s close to fragrance-free, so it’s very comfortable to use.

5. The first time you open it, the clear plastic protector is inscribed with the words, “Hey, gorgeous!”, which is a very nice and thoughtful touch. I smiled the first time I saw it, and I still do whenever I open my HN foundation every morning.

Highly recommended beauty product! I will keep using this in the years to come.


Tried and Tested: Good Shepherd Baguio’s Aroma Inhaler

InhalerBedtime has been very pleasant lately because of this aroma inhaler from Good Shepherd Baguio. Whenever I’d enter my room, I’d smell this fresh and clean scent and instantly feel calm and ready for sleep. It’s made from natural plants so it’s surely way better than synthetic ones from the supermarket. I don’t feel paranoid that I’m inhaling something bad for my health. I’m glad I bought this Good Shepherd aroma inhaler while I was vacationing in Baguio City. I wish I bought more, though.

For those not familiar with Baguio City, it’s considered the summer capital of the Philippines. North of Manila, it’s a mountainous place (think of a mountainous place like Seoul) that’s full of fresh flowers, pine trees, vegetables, and strawberries. Plus, because of it’s location, it’s cool there, too.

Good Shepherd Baguio is where you can buy goodies like breads, cookies, jams, and other stuff for the benefit of Cordillera students on scholarship. It is run by nuns. Buying stuff from here is a win-win situation: You get good quality foods and other things, and the students and nuns get to live better lives.

Tried and Tested: Forest Magic Gugo Shampoo


The funny thing was, I bought this gugo shampoo while on vacation in Baguio, thinking that it was a Baguio product. What was I thinking? For one, I was thinking how much I needed to re-stock on shampoo pronto. Two, I was determined to buy a natural product. Three, I’ve always wanted to try gugo shampoo since I was a kid, except that the gugo that I saw decades ago was very raw and scary. Four, this bottled version seemed friendly. And last but not least, I bought a bottle because I wanted to help the folks at Good Shepherd in Baguio.

But as soon as I examined the fine print at the back, it turns out to be a product from (ta-daaah!) Antipolo City!

Don’t get me wrong through. Although I almost regretted buying this product, using it made me change my mind. It’s actually a good product. I’ve been using it for more than a month now, and I’m pretty happy about it.

The highlights:

1.  It has a very rich formula, as evidenced by the thickness of the liquid. It’s not runny, but a rich, gooey brown that assures us that the manufacturers didn’t scrimp on ingredients.

2. It lathers up quite nicely, so we can imagine how it cleans our hair thoroughly.

3. It leaves my hair soft, even without using conditioner. I’m happy that it does the job of cleaning my hair without stripping it off its natural oils.

4. It leaves a faint gugo scent on one’s head. The smell isn’t for everyone. It’s not as fragrant as flowers, but I don’t mind since the smell isn’t overpowering nor disgusting. It’s just…a smell that we can live with.

5. Gugo shampoo is supposed to be a great remedy for thinning hair. It’s also supposedly good for preventing dandruff. As for thinning hair issues, I can’t say much since I’m not balding yet. For preventing dandruff, I suppose it works since my hair has felt soft and squeaky clean since I used this Forest Magic gugo shampoo.

Tried and Tested: Pure Strength 100% Natural Deodorant by Human Nature

I know, I know. It’s a deodorant for men and I happen to be a woman. But that didn’t stop me from using Human Nature’s Pure Strength 100% Natural Deodorant. I have two reasons for this. 

1. It’s a natural deodorant that screams STRENGTH based from its name alone. As an urban warrior in a tropical country, I need something stronger than my girly deodorant (also from Human Nature). I move around the city a lot via public transportation, so the heat can be unbearable. Even when the rain gives a short-lived and cool respite, I still want to be protected from unpleasant body odor. So that’s why I made the switch.

2. It smells cleaner and more refreshing than my girly deodorant, thanks to bergamot and rosemary essential oils. I would like a variant that has a minty, cool scent, though. I hope Human Nature releases one soon.

I’ve been using this deodorant for about a month now and I must say it works so much better than my girly deodorant. I leave home feeling and smelling fresh and I come home feeling and smelling fresh. I will continue using Human Nature’s Pure Strength deodorant for sure…until a minty variant comes along. ^^   

Another great use for HN Sunflower Beauty Oil: Lip Soother

While vacationing in the US, I found out another great use for the very versatile and multifunctional Human Nature Sunflower Beauty Oil. This time, it’s for soothing chapped lips!

I’ve learned from previous trips that autumn doesn’t do any good for my lips, so I made sure to bring lip balm. But for some reason, it didn’t work. As a temporary relief, I swiped a few drops of the Sunflower Beauty Oil and (surprise, surprise!) it did the trick! It eliminated flaky lips, smoothed it out, and kept it hydrated. It’s a beautiful (and beautifying) accident!

Now into mineral makeup

Love Minerals mineral foundation Love Minerals’ claim of leaving your face pimple-free even if you accidentally sleep with makeup on is—tadaaan—TRUE! I’ve done this a number of times already since balancing work and grad school and other important things in life leave me tired and ready to crash on my bed as soon as I get home.

I’ve accidentally slept with BB Cream on (I bought tubes and tubes of this in Seoul–but more on this at a later post—if I manage to remember, hehehe!) and sadly, while it wears well with its magic during the day, sleeping with it makes unsightly pimples appear. But not so with Love Minerals. Love Minerals is…loooove!

So there. It’s BB Cream for lazy days at the mall or for times when I really need for my face to look almost flawless. For most days, it’s the ever dependable and gentle Love Minerals. =)

First Impressions: Human Nature Love Minerals Mineral Powder Blush

Photo by Me.

Mineral makeup has always been a curiosity for me. So when Human Nature announced that they’ll be coming out with a mineral makeup line, I was pretty excited. I wanted to try it as soon as it hit the shelves, but since my makeup supply was still sufficient for a few weeks’ use, I waited until it completely ran out.

The first to disappear from the pot was my blush, so that’s the product I bought first from the Love Minerals line of Human Nature.

Despite being organic and good for the skin, I was pretty disappointed about how too sheer the coverage of this blush is. Even two swipes won’t do. I have to do four. That is, to pile on the color because the pigment isn’t so strong. Moreover, it has this weird, metallic smell that I tend to forget that this is supposed to be organic makeup.

I’ll just go for something from The Face Shop or The Body Shop next time. Sigh.

Tried and Tested: EarthSpa Lemongrass Soap

Photo by Me.

Soaps are soaps. And the EarthSpa Lemongrass soap is a good one. It’s actually not much different from the other organic and natural soaps I’ve tried, but I like it, still. Any soap that’s not Safeguard (which doesn’t seem to clean, lather up nicely and leave a clean scent on my skin anymore)  is a good one for me.

Tried and Tested: Human Nature Balancing Facial Toner

Photo by Me.

The Tomato and Lemongrass Toner that I like is gone (as in phased out from the Human Nature range), and this is the replacement–the Balancing Facial Toner. I’m not really sure why they’d replaced a seemingly serviceable product, but trying this new one for almost two weeks made me decide that I like this replacement much better.

I’m not really sure what the ingredient elemi is supposed to do for my face, but this, combined with orange, makes for a clean-smelling toner.  According to the Human Nature website, elemi oil is “known for its skin-care benefits and healing properties.” It is quite vague for me, so I did a little googling and this was what I found out: It is “helpful in cases of heavy perspiration, cuts, wounds and skin infections. Elemi oil is said to rejuvenate the skin.”

Moreover the elemi tree is actually native to the Philippines. Locally, it is known as “pili.”

Another trivia from this website: Elemi oil was actually used by ancient Egyptians in the embalming process. Creepy, huh?

I like the Human Nature Balancing Toner, nevertheless. It does the job of cleansing and toning my skin. Plus,  I’m big on smells that stimulate and awaken, so this one’s good enough for me.

Adobo Pate from Fidelis Gourmet

Adobo Pate by Fidelis Gourmet. You can order by emailing Photo by Me.

Aside from body care products, other gifts I love receiving for Christmas (and any other occasion) is food. I think I’ve mentioned before in this blog that the quality of my life depends on the quality of my food. That’s why I’m a bit choosy about what I put in my mouth. And that’s why I’ve foregone my plans for vegetarianism–Even if I’m a bit choosy, there’s a never-ending variety of food to eat in the world.  And I live curious as to what tastes, smells, textures and colors are out there. As long as the food was prepared with utmost regard for sanitation, of course.

During the Christmas break, my friend Xarra gifted me and our other friend Christine with adobo pate. Well, we didn’t really know that it was adobo pate until we met up with her for dinner. She just said that she wanted us to try a certain pate. But adobo pate was a pleasant surprise, anyway. Adobo pate–that’s a first for me!

And my first time was pleasurable. The morning after I received it, I spread it on french bread and ate it with quezo de bola. I washed it all down with brewed coffee, which was the perfect brekkie! Or so I thought.

Last Sunday, I woke up with my first thought being “Monday na naman bukas (It’s Monday again tomorrow).” But I quickly banished the dreadful thought away with a very bright idea for breakfast: green salad, adobo pate on toast, quezo de bola, banana, and Ovaltine mixed with coffee. This was waaaay better than the first morning I tried the adobo pate. Fidelis Gourmet, the brand name of this adobo pate, really knows how to make a foodie happy. Especially on lazy Sunday mornings prior to a dreadful Monday work week.

I look forward to more food from Fidelis Gourmet.  What they have to offer next excites my tummy!  I hope I get to see their products at supermarkets soon, as Xarra told me that Fidelis Gourmet plans to supply restaurants and hotels only. Let’s hope they’ll get mainstream, too.

Do you know what else makes me happy? That I was one of the first few people to enjoy this amazing adobo pate!

For the curious, you can email