Tried and Tested: Forest Magic Gugo Shampoo


The funny thing was, I bought this gugo shampoo while on vacation in Baguio, thinking that it was a Baguio product. What was I thinking? For one, I was thinking how much I needed to re-stock on shampoo pronto. Two, I was determined to buy a natural product. Three, I’ve always wanted to try gugo shampoo since I was a kid, except that the gugo that I saw decades ago was very raw and scary. Four, this bottled version seemed friendly. And last but not least, I bought a bottle because I wanted to help the folks at Good Shepherd in Baguio.

But as soon as I examined the fine print at the back, it turns out to be a product from (ta-daaah!) Antipolo City!

Don’t get me wrong through. Although I almost regretted buying this product, using it made me change my mind. It’s actually a good product. I’ve been using it for more than a month now, and I’m pretty happy about it.

The highlights:

1.  It has a very rich formula, as evidenced by the thickness of the liquid. It’s not runny, but a rich, gooey brown that assures us that the manufacturers didn’t scrimp on ingredients.

2. It lathers up quite nicely, so we can imagine how it cleans our hair thoroughly.

3. It leaves my hair soft, even without using conditioner. I’m happy that it does the job of cleaning my hair without stripping it off its natural oils.

4. It leaves a faint gugo scent on one’s head. The smell isn’t for everyone. It’s not as fragrant as flowers, but I don’t mind since the smell isn’t overpowering nor disgusting. It’s just…a smell that we can live with.

5. Gugo shampoo is supposed to be a great remedy for thinning hair. It’s also supposedly good for preventing dandruff. As for thinning hair issues, I can’t say much since I’m not balding yet. For preventing dandruff, I suppose it works since my hair has felt soft and squeaky clean since I used this Forest Magic gugo shampoo.


Current soap stars in my bathroom: All Organics Charcoal, All Organics Calamansi

While everyone else equates summer with beaches, bikinis and banana boat rides, summer for me means sweaty armpits, stinky shirts and unbearable thirst. And even if summer has officially ended weeks ago, according to PAGASA, it’s still too insufferably hot.  So this soap obsession really makes sense, don’t you think?

There are two soaps in my bathroom right now. Both are from All Organics, which, as the brand name implies, is all about organic and chemical-free skincare.

First Impressions: All Organics Charcoal Soap

At first, I was wary and weirded out with the idea of using charcoal on my face. But the soap’s promise of clarifying the skin over time appealed to me. I’ve been only using this soap for just around two weeks, and so far, nothing dramatic has happened. What I do like about this soap, though, is the way it doesn’t leave my skin feeling tight and dry. The VCO is really working in this soap.

About to try: All Organics Calamansi Soap

Calamansi, also known as Philippine lemon, is known to whiten and brighten the skin. But what really appealed to me about this soap is its deodorizing effect. Think about it: It’s hot, you sweat a lot and therefore stink a lot. I figured using this soap will help minimize sweat and odor the natural way. We’ll see.

Impressions: All Organics Lemongrass Honey Facial Cleanser

All Organics Lemongrass Honey Facial Cleanser is a good buy. I’ve been using it for a week now and I must say I’m pretty satisfied with it.

The first thing to make you smile is the smell. This cleanser smells so sweet that it’s almost good enough to eat. All Organics has generously heaped up the honey in this 75ml bottle that the color and consistency of the cleanser is almost golden.

I was a bit worried when it failed to lather up nicely on my face, though, because it might not have cleansed my skin thoroughly. But when I dabbed some toner afterwards, I felt happy to find out that the cleanser indeed cleaned my skin. The proof: There wasn’t much dirt on my cotton ball.

What made me more happy was the sweet smell All Organics Lemongrass Honey left on my skin. You have to try this one!

(I bought mine a week ago at Sessou Nature Source at Trinoma Mall in Quezon City.)

About to try: All Organics Facial Cleanser

Photo by Me.

I just came home from Sessou Nature Source in Trinoma Mall and bought a new product to try. This time, it’s the All Organics Facial Cleanser in Lemongrass Honey. I bought it because I’m about to retire my old bottle of Human Nature Aloe Vera and Guava Facial Wash.

Initially, I wanted to  buy another bottle of Human Nature Guava Facial Wash since it works so well with my skin, keeping it smooth and pimple-free. But it was out of stock at Sessou so I thought of trying something new.

The All Organics Lemongrass Honey Cleanser is pricier, though, at Php 155 for a 75ml bottle. My old Guava Facial Wash was just around Php 130 at 100ml. Still, the thrill of trying something new prevailed.

Besides, I’m really loving the smell of lemongrass right now. I love it when I step out of the shower refreshed and revived. On Sundays, I have my weekly body scrub using my Human Nature Body Scrub with Lemongrass. On most days, for quick clean-ups (like my hands), I use my All Organics Clean Rinse. I told you, I love lemongrass!

Anyway, tonight I shall give my new lemongrass honey facial cleanser a try. And then I will update you all how this product works on my skin. Wish me luck!

P.S. I have decided to practice my photography skills (or what little skill I have) again. It’s been so long since I held a camera seriously. So I’ll try to take more “artfully” composed photos for this blog. Say 加油 to me! Hehehe!