Tried and Tested: Good Shepherd Baguio’s Aroma Inhaler

InhalerBedtime has been very pleasant lately because of this aroma inhaler from Good Shepherd Baguio. Whenever I’d enter my room, I’d smell this fresh and clean scent and instantly feel calm and ready for sleep. It’s made from natural plants so it’s surely way better than synthetic ones from the supermarket. I don’t feel paranoid that I’m inhaling something bad for my health. I’m glad I bought this Good Shepherd aroma inhaler while I was vacationing in Baguio City. I wish I bought more, though.

For those not familiar with Baguio City, it’s considered the summer capital of the Philippines. North of Manila, it’s a mountainous place (think of a mountainous place like Seoul) that’s full of fresh flowers, pine trees, vegetables, and strawberries. Plus, because of it’s location, it’s cool there, too.

Good Shepherd Baguio is where you can buy goodies like breads, cookies, jams, and other stuff for the benefit of Cordillera students on scholarship. It is run by nuns. Buying stuff from here is a win-win situation: You get good quality foods and other things, and the students and nuns get to live better lives.