Spicy Ginger Ice Cream at Bohol Bee Farm! Yum!

Total number of times I’ve been to Bohol in my lifetime: 4

Total number of places I look forward to visiting whenever I’m there: 5

  • Loboc River Cruise
  • Chocolate Hills
  • That tarsier place
  • Alona Beach
  • Bohol Bee Farm

Most favorite place in Bohol: Bohol Bee Farm


  • Organic products such as honey, corn coffee, and herbal tea
  • Organic food such as salads and yummy muffins
  • Beautiful seaside house that has been my benchmark for beach living since the first time I saw it
  • Spicy ginger ice cream!

As soon as we set foot at Bohol Bee Farm a few days ago, I made a beeline for the ice cream store that sells the yummiest spicy ginger ice cream in the planet. I haven’t tasted the other flavors yet (malunggay, ube, etc) but I’ve already decided that the spicy ginger ice cream is my favorite. The cone, too, made from cassava, is the yummiest ice cream cone around. It’s way better than the usual wafer cone for its semi-softness and just-right sweetness. For Php50, you’ll get the ultimate summer bliss.

Also try their halo-halo. For just Php90, you’ll get a big cup of this summer favorite. Bohol Bee Farm’s version is generously packed with fresh fruits and a scoop of their yummy ice cream on top! No wonder this place tops my list of Bohol tourist spots to troop to!


Bebop Guesthouse

What’s playing in my head: “Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)” by Girl’s Generation.

What’s running through my mind: My wish

And what’s my wish? To get my butt to South Korea!

South Korea has been hard at work, waving their magic wand marked “Soft Power” around the Southeast Asian region. And I must say it’s working on me. I’m hooked on K-pop and K-dramas. I’m always craving for kimchi, kimbap and bulgogi. I’m contemplating enrolling for a Korean language class. I got worried and upset when North Korea bombed one of the islands in South Korea. One of the topics I’m exploring for independent study for graduate school is about South Korea. AND (and I mean AND!), I’m planning to go there soon!

Except for some visa issues (I’ll only be able to get my butt to Korea IF the Korean Embassy grants me a visa), everything’s been set: tentative travel dates, things to see and do, budget, and (ta-daaan!) possible lodging.

Here’s the hostel me and my friend are eying:

It’s called Bebop Guesthouse 2, also known as Tango Guesthouse. It’s said to be a homey hostel at the heart of the artsy Hongdae area–totally my kind of place! What’s more, it’s very environment friendly. Use of canvas bags instead of plastic bags for shopping is highly encouraged. You can fill up your water bottle with water from the hostel so you won’t have to buy tons of bottled water. Trash is segregated so biodegradables are separated from non-biodegradables.

And to top it all off, the owners are 20-something Korean backpackers who love to read and who appreciate art!

So I really hope the Korean Embassy grants me a visa. Wield your soft power on me all you want. It’s okay, it’s totally okay!

Organic Geek in Puerto Princesa Part 1: My Baywalk Walk

Photo by Me.

I wish I can live in a place where the sea is just a stone’s throw away from me. I was in Puerto Princesa a few days ago and my wish became partly true. Staying at Lola Itang Pension House for three days, I got the chance to walk to Puerto Princesa’s Baywalk to breathe in the fresh see breeze. It’s serene. It’s a nice place to hear yourself think.

At night, the Baywalk transforms into a lively hangout for kids, families and couples. Music blasts all around (albeit ’90s music—a decade late!–which Palawenos seem to think is cool, anyway), little shops selling fruit shakes, food and souvenirs sprout, and it begins to feel like you can fall in love with this place’s small town charm.

Photo by Me.

But I still like it better in the late afternoon, where the place feels restful, where boats lazily sway with the sea, where you seem to forget you came from the big city.

Eco-tourism at El Nido in Palawan, Philippines

El Nido in Palawan, Philippines. Photo by Me.

El Nido in Palawan Philippines is one of the most beautiful places I’ve been to. The sand is not as fine as in Boracay beach but El Nido’s seascape is a whole lot more breathtaking.  What’s more, El Nido’s Miniloc and Lagen Islands emphasize environmental protection and conservation. The trip to both islands educates guests on flora and fauna, which helps endear Mother Nature to them. The trip won’t probably cause a 180-degree turn from wasteful consumption and neglect of Mother Nature to total environmental care and love for Mother Nature but it’s a good start!

Bilar man-made forest

This is a photo of the Bilar Man-made Forest in Bohol, Philippines. I took this during my recent trip with my friends. This is my second time to pass by this forest (first was in 2004), but it was only in 2009 when I finally appreciated the beauty of this place.

The Bilar Man-made Forest is a sight to behold, a lovely stretch of road, en route to the famous Chocolate Hills. I loved the cool temperature that embraced my skin when we went out of the van to take pictures. Trees, coolness, and fresh air is a combination rarely experienced in Manila. And I’m happy to experience it, even for just a short while, in Bohol.

What’s also amazing about this place is that (according to our tour guide) the trees were planted in the 1960s by agriculture students, with the support of the Philippine government. Decades later, here we are, still enjoying the labor of love of students who made the choice for reforestation.

Thank you, students (who are probably in your 40s now), for letting people like me experience this!