My latest ukay-ukay finds

It’s been a while since I visited Querra Thrift Shop. I prioritized the completion of my grad school coursework, so I was practically buried in journals and books and constantly tapping on the keyboard to finish my final papers (Take note of the “s” in papers). So when I saw the 3-for-100 sign at Querra last Monday, I knew I had to pay this place a visit.

But it seems every student in the area had it easy in school. Almost all the good second hand clothes were taken. I had to wade through the seemingly endless rack of rags before I got my “shortlist” of six blouses, which I later narrowed down to three–for the 3-for-100 deal, of course!

Having been made to attend a ” corporate image workshop” at work in Summer 2010, I have learned to train my eyes to chuck colors outside of the winter color palette. That is, cool colors reminiscent of winter. According to the workshop trainer, I am a “winter person”, so only cool and pure colors suit me. This is well and good, because this means I can easily weed out clothes on racks with colors that don’t suit me. Ergo, I can quickly zoom in and choose from clothes whose colors fit my supposed skin tone.

Anyway, here are my finds, and why I like them.

Trendy black tee. Photo by Me.

This is a trendy black tee. I like it because it’s a t-shirt with a twist. The cream-colored cord wrapped around the neckline and the bottom edge of the shirt lends this piece a trendy and creative vibe. The lace detail at the bottom adds a sweet girly touch. This is a great top to wear on casual Fridays at the office and on weekend trips to artsy places, especially for people working in the creative field. It gives off the right impression and makes you look the part of the mysterious and young lady writer.

Peasant blouse. Photo by Me.

I couldn’t remember if something light brown (with hints of gray) suits my skin tone but I bought this piece anyway for the sweet and innocent vibe it evokes. I already have a blouse that looks somewhat like this, but the cloth and the drawstring detail at the bottom made all the difference. This is a nice summer piece that I can see myself wearing with khaki clam diggers or khaki capri pants.

Denim button-down blouse. Photo by Me.

This denim button-down blouse barely made it to my top 3 picks. What made me decide to buy it was that it looked new and hardly used. The material was light enough, even if it’s denim. The embroidery at the top was a nice touch, too. So I can see myself wearing it this summer, maybe with navy blue capri pants or with walking shorts. In cooler months, I can layer it on top of a white tank. Or maybe I can wear it with a vest or with a sleeveless sweater for a preppy look.


Shopping Fatigue

So…the ukay-ukay store near where I work, which I visit frequently, now sells their stuff for 3-for-100 (that’s any 3 pieces of clothing for PHP 100). But I didn’t go this week. I seem to be experiencing some sort of “shopping fatigue” over the Christmas season. Opening my wallet thus seems like a chore these days. Even paying for lunch at the cafeteria seems like a tiring thing. I hope I’ll get over this soon.

P.S. My situation doesn’t seem to be the widely-accepted definition of shopping fatigue, when I googled it on the internet. But that’s what I’d like to call what I’m feeling, parallel to what generous donors feel with “donor fatigue”.


20% and counting!

I’m getting a kick out of seeing the signs on the ukay-ukay (second hand) store change from “New Arrival” to “3-for-100” on my way home from work. The last time I checked, the pre-loved clothes are being sold for 20% off. It’s been hovering around that price range for days now. Soon, the stuff will be sold for 50% off. And then at PHP50. Until the clothes reach the 3-for-100 and PHP20 mark, in which I’ll go in for the kill. Oh yeah. I can’t wait!

No turning back now from ukay-ukay

After getting a two blouses and a dress at the mind-boggling price of 3-for-100 (3 pieces of clothing for just Php100) at ukay-ukay (second-hand store) last Friday, the gray cardigan being sold at the SM Surplus Shop for Php 299.75 seemed a wee bit expensive.  Although a gray cardigan was what I patiently searched for among the racks at ukay-ukay, and although I did not find what I wanted, and although what I wanted popped right in front of me at the Surplus Shop days after my ukay-ukay trip, the price just wasn’t right. In the end, I had to let go of it, hopeful that I will find something similar to that the next time ukay-ukay holds a 3-for-100 sale.

Other stuff that I scored at my ukay-ukay venture (if you can call it that) were a black cardigan and a black-ish denim jacket accented with thin orange-y and green-ish stripes–Two stylish and good-as-new pieces which set me back just Php 50 each.

I believe that if you just look hard and patiently enough, you’ll score great high quality finds here for a fraction of the price at malls, department stores, and even tiangges. And that’s true value for money, IMHO.

Moreover, re-using beautiful clothes that the original owners don’t want anymore helps save the earth’s resources. It’s a win-win situation for you and Mother Nature.

Photo by Me

Above are two second hand/ pre-loved bags I bought at the fundraising of the Ateneo Library of Women’s Writings (ALIWW). These were selling for a mere P50, but managed to get it down to P30 each. Sweet!

The black bag was supposed to be my sister’s prom bag, but she wanted my other bag. So I guess I’ll just use this one for some future and yet-to-be-determined evening occasion. I really love the beading and the silky fabric. The inside tag says its supposed to be made in India. Coolness.

The big brown bag made of natural fibers is something cool to use for the summer. It’s summer now, so it’s about time I use it. Squee!

You know, I have no qualms about buying second hand stuff because one woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure. Besides, this is a great way of reducing and reusing and of managing our resources wisely. And of course, buying these pre-loved bags helped the ALIWW folks raise funds for their projects. All’s good.