Enchanted Burger @ Enchanted Farm Cafe

enchanted burger

Here’s a delicious routine after stocking up on your Human Nature beauty essentials. Just a floor above the Human Nature flagship store along Commonwealth Avenue in Quezon City (Philippines) is Enchanted Farm Cafe, a social enterprise selling healthy salads, burgers, and desserts straight from (you guessed it right) Enchanted Farm.

I tried the Enchanted Burger, a yummy compromise between my love for meat and my brain’s nagging to eat more veggies. It is made from 20 percent meat and 80 percent veggies, so it is, of course, a guilt-free meal. It is also loaded with other fresh veggies like cucumbers and greens. All of this cafe’s burgers are served with side salad and sweet potato fries. So I suppose this will fill up our fiber needs for the day.

The salad was super fresh and the dressing had a sweet, tangy taste which i loved. While I’m not really a fan of sweet potato fries, the tartare-like dipping sauce made it a delight to eat. 

Next time I drop by the area, I will their pastas, salads, and desserts (sabanoffee pie, in particular!).


Yummy Seabass Set at Be Organic Restaurant in Bangkok

Yummy Seabass Set at Be Organic Restaurant in Bangkok

Gave myself a yummy organic treat at Be Organic restaurant in Bangkok last Sunday. I’ve been wanting to sample some dishes from this restaurant by Lemon Farm and I finally had my chance after church. Too hungry to choose, I picked the seabass set (250 baht) which includes the seabass plate with brown rice and veggie sides, veggie salad, soup of the day, and bancha (tea).

I loved the tangy sauce that the seabass came with. Staff were nice and they served my food with a smile.

There’s also a mini grocery shop beside the restaurant, selling organic veggies and other health foods. Beauty products are also here. It’s a one-stop shop for almost all of your organic needs!

Be Organic is located at the first floor of Portico Building. Take BTS Chitlom exit 4. Walk along Soi Langsuan for a bit until you see Portico on your left. You can’t miss it!

Happy eating!

Loco Over Promos: Love Minerals Foundation + FREE Love Minerals Blush

I got the surprise of my life last Saturday when I went to the Human Heart Nature headquarters in Quezon City to buy the Love Minerals Powder Foundation, among other things.  When I got to the counter, the girl asked which shade of Love Minerals Blush I’d like to have, as they currently have a promo where the blush comes free with any purchase of the Love Minerals Foundation. Stunned, I just gave her a blank stare. Oh what luck I have! For just P425 (the price of one mineral foundation), I get two products–It’s a great deal!

So I quickly mumbled I’ll-go-check-the-sample-shades-first then bolted to the makeup counter to choose. Since I’ve already tried the Petal Bloom shade and wasn’t too happy with it, I opted for the darker Tropical Rose.

This is how it looks like from the box.

Love Minerals Powder Blush in Tropical Rose, still in its box.

As you can see, the box has an old grandma-ish graphic look to it. But it’s not much of an issue for me as what’s important is the actual color the product will be on my cheeks.

The shade actually looks promising. I haven’t used it yet but I’m hoping it will give my cheeks that just-pinched look with just one 10-second round-and-round swipe of my brush with its dark color. This is because I do three sets of 10-second round-and-round brush strokes with my Petal Bloom shade–and it still doesn’t do the job. Sadness.

A pot of Love Minerals Blush in Tropical Rose

As for the Love Minerals Powder Foundation, I must say I’m quite happy with it. I tried on the Orient Pearl shade last Sunday when I went to Mass with my family. Human Heart Nature must have improved the formulation of the particular batch I got since it had very little trace of the metallic smell other blogs complained about. A couple of pats on the pot, followed by a few pats on the face, and then blend–That’s all I needed to get clearer and healthier-looking skin.

Some bloggers claim to have fewer zits after using this product for a while, but I have yet to prove that true. I’ve only used it once, after all. Also, I have yet to find out if this product really reduces oiliness on the face, but I truly hope it does!

Love Minerals Powder Blush in Orient Pearl

And I really hope they change their tacky box design. Look!

A box of Love Minerals Powder Foundation On a brighter note, what’s really important is the product and not the box. Both the Love Minerals powder foundation and blush are natural and organic, which therefore means that these won’t harm the skin now and in the future–and that’s the best thing.

More special offers here. I don’t know how long these offers will last, though.

Current soap stars in my bathroom: All Organics Charcoal, All Organics Calamansi

While everyone else equates summer with beaches, bikinis and banana boat rides, summer for me means sweaty armpits, stinky shirts and unbearable thirst. And even if summer has officially ended weeks ago, according to PAGASA, it’s still too insufferably hot.  So this soap obsession really makes sense, don’t you think?

There are two soaps in my bathroom right now. Both are from All Organics, which, as the brand name implies, is all about organic and chemical-free skincare.

First Impressions: All Organics Charcoal Soap

At first, I was wary and weirded out with the idea of using charcoal on my face. But the soap’s promise of clarifying the skin over time appealed to me. I’ve been only using this soap for just around two weeks, and so far, nothing dramatic has happened. What I do like about this soap, though, is the way it doesn’t leave my skin feeling tight and dry. The VCO is really working in this soap.

About to try: All Organics Calamansi Soap

Calamansi, also known as Philippine lemon, is known to whiten and brighten the skin. But what really appealed to me about this soap is its deodorizing effect. Think about it: It’s hot, you sweat a lot and therefore stink a lot. I figured using this soap will help minimize sweat and odor the natural way. We’ll see.